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Murad Saeed is the youngest MNA of Pakistan from the constituency NA29, District Swat. He started his political career by founding ISF (Insaf Student Federation), the students chapter of his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf or Pakistan's Movement for Justice, in 2007. His student wing spread nation-wide that also developed the Insaf Youth Wing of which he became the Provincial (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) President then. In 2013 general elections in Pakistan he got party ticket for his native National Assembly seat, NA29, and won with a high margin bagging more than 88,000 votes. 

Murad Saeed was a great debator since student time and he won many awards during debates competitions. He served Pakistan in several international events as well. He is a dominant public figure in national politics and serves his office and party at local, national and international levels. He represents his native Swat in National Assembly of Pakistan, is advisor to party Chief Imran Khan on Youth Affairs and plays a vitla role in party events whether there are bye-elections or Local Bodies Elections in other provinces of Pakistan or fundraising for the party internationally in countires like UK, Qatar, Dubai and USA. The youth of Pakistan loves him for his being a young and dynamic politician which is unusal in Pakistan. More importantly, Murad Saeed belongs to a middle-class family and is a self-made politician unlike other few young politicians that inherit politics from their political dyansties. 

News Beat – 6th November 2015 by zarghamdon2
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