AlhamduLillah I won NA-29 Swat.
Thank you all for your support and wishes. Thank you people of K.P.K for trusting PTI and Imran Khan. One thing that I'm noticing since yesterday, and is very painful is the anti-Punjab sentiment amongst PTI supporter. Whatever happened is sure heart-breaking for all of us. Our struggle was never limited to attainment of power, we had always wanted a better and prosperous Pakistan, a "Naya Pakistan", that is why people called Imran Khan "Pakistan Khan". People of KPK sure have voted maturely but KPK is not just Pathans; We have a majority of Hindko speakers in NA-1 Peshawar who gave a massive mandate to our Chairman Imran Khan, People of Hazara and the Sarayki belt too have contributed to this success. PTI was never a local or an ethnic party, even though some forces are trying hard to make you believe so, PTI is the party of the people of Pakistan. So before you bash at Punjab and Sindh for voting the status-quo parties again do not forget we are not here for the politics of Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pathan we are here for Pakistan and we will INSHA'ALLAH soon fulfill our dream of "Naya Pakistan" until then pray that PTI can make us all proud in KPK under its government. Let's pray that we succeed in leading this province out of it's sorry state and make it an example for everybody out there. Pakistan Zindabad..

Imran khan Zindabad.
Pakistan Paindabad.
Founding President Insaf Students Federation, Former President Youth Wing (KPK), Member Central Executive Committee, Chairman Advisory Council and Chairman Monitoring Cell, PTI's candidate for NA-29 Swat in General Elections 2013.

A poet whose verses would reflect the innocent late-teens dreams, a debater who would always end his speeches with a hope. An Environmentalist by profession, to this widely known student of University of Peshawar, realities came up as a total surprise with the movement for the restoration of Judiciary in early 2007 and then as a shock with the emergency imposed in November 2007 by -the then President- Musharaf.
Murad decided to materialize his words and aimed to fight for the survival of the hope he have been giving via his speeches.
22nd November 2007 was when he started collecting like-minded students under the flag of 'INSAF' in University of Peshawar. The date’ now marked as the Inception Day of Insaf Student Federation. Soon the movement reached every nook and corner of the province.

He served as a Provincial President for the ISF Khyber Pukhtunkhwa till 2010.
Appointed as a Secretary Youth Affairs, PTI Youth Wing KPK.
Member of the Central Executive Council, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and 'Chairman Monitoring Cell' PTI in 2011.
Murad was the youngest contestant for Provincial President-ship KPK in the in the intra-party elections 2013 and is the PTI candidate for National Assembly from NA-29 Swat in the 2013 General Elections.
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